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The Bible Says, Get a Job!

The “give me” generation is bearing fruit at rapid pace. Indicators have been readily apparent for some time through various movements but in recent months the socialistic push has taken center stage in American news and culture. One result of this is a near demonization of work and ownership. On the one hand, we are sometimes led to believe that one who works hard and earns vast amounts of wealth is evil and should be forced to give it all…

The Church and its Priorities

With so many unique challenges before us it is easy to lose sight of what is really important. The Bible has a great deal to say about priorities and it is important for us to ensure that they are aligned correctly on an individual basis and also on a congregational basis. First Timothy 6 lists some items that the church must prioritize. Sound Doctrine (1 Tim. 6:3-5) –Those who do not concern themselves with sound doctrine are guilty of prioritizing…
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Do I have the Right to Sin? – Ronnie Scherffius

In American society, we are constantly bombarded with ”rights”: women’s rights, civil rights, human rights, children’s rights, parents’ rights, homosexual’s rights, immigrant’s rights, victims’ rights—even criminals have lawyers that specialize in rights of violators of civil law! The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) fights tooth and nail for the right of freedom of speech (a right that seems to be extended to all except those who espouse and promote Christian values). One hot-button topic and a rights issue that has…
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“…They Which do such Things…” – Don Walker

It is easy to take certain words, phrases, or statements of God’s word for granted. Too often we read over them as if their meaning is comprehended by all and appreciated in a way that God intends, when in reality we may be overlooking a great lesson or significant biblical truth.  Consider for a moment the statement Paul employs as he closes his warnings concerning the works of the flesh. “…they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom…