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June 13th – 18th

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Bless the Lord!

Psalm 103:1 is an emphatic and imperative call to praise the Lord. The command implies affection and a sense of gratitude as well as effort and energy. To bless the Lord with all that is within me involves my entire being. Someone may casually remark that they do not get much out of worship. As this passage reveals, that is the case when one does not put enough into worship. The remainder of the psalm identifies a number of reasons…

God Among the Nations – Steven Lloyd

A theme that is repeated in the books of Kings, some of the Psalms, and in some of the prophets is the justice and righteousness of God. These are described as being the foundation of God’s throne. Because our Lord is considered infinite in these qualities, He cannot, with a wave of the hand, dismiss unjust behavior from His own people. When Israel went astray after other gods, the Lord chastised them. On a broader scale, the Lord would use…

The Friend of God – Bill Burk

Man was created for community. All of us need good friends whom we may trust and count on. Probably each one of us can see in his mind’s eye someone whose friendship you hold near and dear. The Bible says “a friend loves at all times but a brother is born for adversity” (Pro. 17:17). If there is any being about whom we can truly say He loves us at all times in both good times and bad it would…

Unless the Lord Builds the House… – Cody Westbrook

The Latin motto Nisi Dominus Frusta has adorned the coat of arms of the city of Edinburgh, Scotland since 1647. The meaning is “Without the Lord, frustration,” and it is taken from the first line of Psalm 127:1– “Unless the Lord builds the house, they labor in vain who build it.” The sentiment accurately portrays the outcome of one who seeks to navigate this life apart from his Creator. The emphasis of this Psalm, however, is not on the individual…