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Go, Stand, and Speak (Acts 5:20): Part 1

The evangelistic tenacity that characterized the early Christians is one of the most impressive characteristics that scripture reveals about them. They were persistent in doctrine (Acts 2:42), focused on their goal (Acts 2:46), and bold in the face of adversity (Acts 4:13). They were serious about soul winning and gave every effort to do it effectively and thoroughly. In the beginning chapters of Acts, Peter and John take a leading role. They had preached on Solomon’s porch, been arrested, and…
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Bless the Lord!

Psalm 103:1 is an emphatic and imperative call to praise the Lord. The command implies affection and a sense of gratitude as well as effort and energy. To bless the Lord with all that is within me involves my entire being. Someone may casually remark that they do not get much out of worship. As this passage reveals, that is the case when one does not put enough into worship. The remainder of the psalm identifies a number of reasons…

Shame is a Good Thing

Western culture has done a masterful job of normalizing abnormal, unhealthy, and immoral behavior. This, in large degree, is due to the fact that we have sought to remove every ounce of shame from our society. Shame is a feeling of humiliation and embarrassment brought about by wrongdoing. Though our world rejects the notion, Scripture teaches that a feeling of shame and embarrassment can be a good thing because it prompts us to turn away from what is wrong and…
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The Value of Human Life

Recent events once again bring the discussion of the value of human life to the forefront of society. The tragic death of George Floyd, the outcry for justice, and sadly, the anarchistic rioting that followed have captured the attention of millions in our country.  These events force us to consider a fundamental question, “What is a life worth?”  Humanity does not possess the right to define the value of life. Creation cannot set its own parameters (cf. Rom. 9:21). Further,…