Posts from July 2020

Posts from July 2020

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He who Knew His Place

Pride is a notorious problem that causes great destruction. Consider James 3:13-4:10, which relates the devastation, caused by one with a prideful, self-seeking attitude. Knowing the destructive power pride possesses ought to motivate Christians to do what is necessary to eliminate it. Knowing our place in the grand scheme of things is a step in the right direction. Perhaps the best example of one knowing his place is John the Baptizer. John was the older cousin of Jesus and played…
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Greater than Gold!

The 19th Psalm is one of the most memorable in the Psalter. The first 6 verses magnificently describe the general revelation of God in nature. It calls us to behold and stand in awe of the creative genius of Jehovah as we see His fingerprints all around us. But the God who created has also commanded, and this theme is taken up in the next portion of the Psalm (vss. 7-11).  Note how God’s Word is described (vss. 7-9). The…

Southwest School of Bible Studies Graduation 2020

Sunday marked the end of another year of schooling at Southwest. The pandemic the world finds itself wrestling with did not pass us by. Though none of the students contracted the virus—that we know of—it still left its mark on our schedule. For several weeks, classes were conducted via the internet. We did not skip a beat thanks to the technology skills of brother Logan Summers. The annual year-end banquet held in honor of our supporters and graduates was canceled…
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Go, Stand, and Speak (Acts 5:20): Part 2

Their method was vital—Stand! To “stand” is literally, “to stand firm.” The word is used to describe one who stands up to make a formal declaration. It is essentially a command to be bold. Peter and John had been arrested, threatened, and imprisoned. That would be enough to dampen the spirits of even the most fearless of proclaimers. Therefore, the angel’s command to stand and be bold in their work was surely welcomed. Scripture is replete with the command for…

An Update About Our Graduation Dinner

Southwest Family and Friends: After much prayer, we have decided to not have a graduation dinner this year for the 2020 graduates. We appreciate your prayers for our graduates and will continue with the graduation after Sunday evening services 7-12-20 at 7 PM. We are also looking into live-streaming this special time for the students on this occasion. More details to come soon!
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Go, Stand, and Speak (Acts 5:20): Part 1

The evangelistic tenacity that characterized the early Christians is one of the most impressive characteristics that scripture reveals about them. They were persistent in doctrine (Acts 2:42), focused on their goal (Acts 2:46), and bold in the face of adversity (Acts 4:13). They were serious about soul winning and gave every effort to do it effectively and thoroughly. In the beginning chapters of Acts, Peter and John take a leading role. They had preached on Solomon’s porch, been arrested, and…