Prioritizing Christ – Mel Hutzler

Prioritizing Christ – Mel Hutzler

Our new life in Christ changes the rule, relationship, attitude, and actions of our lives. This new life orders its priorities out of the mind of Christ. That is Paul’s point to the church at Colossae as he moves into the practical portion of his letter. As people who have died to sin and been made alive unto God, Christians are to develop new goals, new moral principles, and a renewed determination to live on a higher plane. Paul opens this practical section by introducing the concept of prioritizing Christ. 

Paul wanted the Colossians to learn how Christians should live. If you are raised with Christ then these are the things that you must prioritize in your life. Colossians 3 and 4 explain what that life entails. If we do not prioritize these things, then we cannot call ourselves faithful Christians. Likewise, we must ask ourselves a very important question: I say that I am a Christian, but am I? Paul will put us to the test to see if we are prioritizing Christ in our lives as we should.

Paul teaches that if we have truly been raised with Christ, then we must continuously seek the things that are above, where Christ dwells. What are you seeking and what are you looking for in this world? What is your pursuit? One of our greatest temptations is our career. We often define ourselves by our work. We find our value in our work rather than in Christ. Is your career your life’s pursuit? What do you seek? Do you seek more possessions? Is your life about feeding the inner desires to have more? 

Paul declares that Christians are to actively pursue Jesus. Christians must always seek Christ with eyes fixed toward Heaven. Our sight must always be focused on Christ and His rule and His authority. What are we looking for as we live this life? Are we looking for Christ? Are we looking for a relationship with Him? Often, we are looking for and pursuing so many other things in life other than Christ.

Paul asks what we have our minds focused upon. Are you obsessed with Jesus? Are you contemplating Heaven? Are you thinking about physical things or eternal things? Where does your hope reside? The Christian will see all things in the light and in the setting of eternity. We will not live our lives as if this world is all that there is. We seek the things above by setting our minds on the things above. We can wonder about God and make assumptions that we know Him. However, the only way to truly set our minds on the things above is to humble ourselves and learn about Him through His Word. We must make time for God each day. Continually think about God’s priorities and His will. Think about those spiritual things. 

We should read Paul’s words over and over so that the principle sinks down into our minds. You and I are dead if we are Christians. If we are His, then our life is His. Furthermore, Paul explains it like this: “Your life is hidden with Christ.” Your life is not visible when people look at you. All that others should see is Christ. They do not see my life, but rather a life that is completely devoted to Jesus. 

Paul speaks of the benefits of those who live a life for Jesus in verse four. When Christ appears, then you will also appear with Him in glory. Christ will make His glorious return, and when He does, we will see the glorious life we have in Christ. Our life is Christ’s, we seek the things above, where Christ is, that we may be with Him in eternity. May God help us to ever seek to make Christ our priority.