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Psalm 100: Giving Honor to God

How do you view God? Think carefully about how you answer that question because your answer determines your response. There are many people in the world who have a distorted view of God and therefore respond to Him in a completely unacceptable fashion. For example, there are some who live lives of complete, open, and unmistakable rebellion against the Lord, yet when they die their friends and loved ones adamantly declare that they have “gone to a better place.”  The…
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Heaven Holds All To Me

“Heaven holds all to me, brighter its glory will be; joy without measure will Tbe my treasure, Heaven holds all to me.” The words of the soul-stirring hymn written by the late brother Tillit S. Teddlie have thrilled the hearts of God’s people for decades. We often sing “Heaven holds all to me” but does it really? And, why? Do we want to go to Heaven more than anything else? Do we ever contemplate what that place will be like and…
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Stewardship is one of the more challenging principles of New Testament Christianity, not because it is difficult to understand but because of the all-encompassing nature of its application to daily living. Everything we have is entrusted to our care and must be utilized responsibly. Our time, our abilities, our opportunities, our money, our children, and our lives are all gifts given graciously by God to be used for His glory. Such a reality should humble us and compel us to…