7 Things You Can Do to Help the Church Grow!

7 Things You Can Do to Help the Church Grow!

1. Make sure YOU put the Kingdom First! You don’t want to fall into the trap where everything becomes an empty habit – you show up to AMPM worship, Wednesday night, all of the events and activities (all are needed) but stop to ask WHY? Habit? Duty? Sense of accomplishment? No one else will do it? Or because you love the Lord and His kingdom?

2. Have a sense of Identity! We are Christians (Acts 11:26) – those who belong to and follow Christ, and everything that entails. We must
know who we are so that we can proclaim it to the world.

3. Treat visitors well! Some studies suggest that a person forms their opinion about a “church” within the first few minutes. Greet with a smile and a handshake. Point them toward bible class. Help give them a positive impression of God’s people.

4. Open up your homes. The early Christians utilized their homes on a daily basis (Acts 2:46). Hospitality is a vital, though often overlooked, component of Christianity (Rom. 12:13). Inviting people into your home gives an opportunity to build relationships and is a particularly good way to get to know new Christians and help engrain them into the local congregation.

5. Be caring. Acts 2:47 says that the church had “favor” with the people, meaning the church had a good reputation in the community. Think of ways that the church of the Lord can serve those in the community, to the glory of God. Consider Matthew 25:31ff.

6. Love soul-winning. Solomon said “…he who wins souls is wise” (Pro. 11:30). Do you love that which makes one wise? The church grows when souls are saved but how many souls are saved by Christians who do not love and prioritize soul-winning?

7. Remember it takes everyone! Understand that this is an everyone work. There are more visits, calls, cards, and bible studies than just a few people can handle. There will always be work to do, and there’s always work for everyone to do. Remember 1 Corinthians 12!