Looking Forward to the New Year

Looking Forward to the New Year

The Holiday Season is now behind us and thus we look forward to a new year. No doubt your calendar is beginning to fill up with plans and projects for the next 12 months. And, of course, we all take time to contemplate goals and improvements to implement in the days ahead. These are good and necessary practices for maintaining a healthy lifestyle both physically and spiritually. While thinking about things like health and finances allow me to suggest 4 spiritual goals to implement this year.

– Bible Reading. It has been said that by dedicating 30 minutes of time each day, the average person can read through the Bible in about 6 months. There is great value in reading God’s Word regularly (1 Tim. 4:13) and there are several helps available to aid in that effort. This year, plan to dedicate 30 minutes each day to reading God’s Word.

– Bible Memorization. We talk regularly about the benefit of memorizing scripture (cf. Psalm 1). This year, approach your Bible memorization in a different way. Get into the habit of reading a chapter so that you can identify the key verse, or verses, and give the chapter a title which summarizes its main idea. Make a list then commit those items to memory.

– Evangelism. Likely, you know well the responsibility of every Christian to be evangelistic. But, have you thought carefully about how you will apply the command? Let me suggest identifying 1 person per month to evangelize. Pray for that person by name daily and work to create as many evangelistic opportunities with them as possible.

– Hospitality. Our homes are one of our greatest resources for edification and evangelism (cf. Acts 2:46). This year, use your home as a tool to serve the Lord. Invite brethren into your home to share a meal and strengthen your bonds in Christ. Have Bible studies in your home to provide a more hospitable and comfortable setting for teaching the gospel.

Any list of spiritual goals would be subjective to some degree. Consider these 4 suggestions prayerfully. May God bless us as we serve Him in the new year.