A Change in SWSBS Directorship

A Change in SWSBS Directorship

As elders, we realize that the fields are “white unto harvest” and that many good, honest people are seeking to be taught God’s Word. Therefore, faithful men and women who are well prepared with a deep knowledge of the Biblical text are urgently needed to sow the seed of God’s Kingdom (Luke 8:11).

The Southwest church of Christ, aware of this need and understanding our responsibility to help meet it, inaugurated a full-time school of Bible studies on September 4, 1978. Since that time, a respected and learned Bible faculty has been assembled which is capable and experienced in the work of the Lord.

Regarding the faculty, the elders wish to make an announcement. Effective immediately, Trent Kennedy will assume the role of Director and Steven Lloyd will assume the role of Associate Director of the Southwest School of Bible Studies. We extend our appreciation to Steven for the excellent job he has done directing the school.

Though he did not come here to take that role, he was willing to do it when asked, and has done a very good job navigating the school through the challenges of Covid, and capably leading for the last 4 years.

We do not expect any significant changes or disruptions in the day to day operation of the school, nor will there by any other changes to the faculty at this time. We are confident that the SWSBS staff is second to none, and will capably position the school for growth and stability through the coming years, as we seek “To Know Jesus and Make Him Known.”

Please continue to support and pray for Trent, Steven, and the rest of the SWSBS faculty as they work together to train men and women to know, love, and proclaim the Kingdom of God.

In Him,

The Southwest Elders

Brett Gerhardt, David Hopkins, Mark Speir