'January 2022' Tagged Posts

'January 2022' Tagged Posts

Forest with an amazing revelation

The End of the Book – John Haffner

Have you ever peeked at the last chapter of a novel? Maybe you hoped to learn the identity of the culprit. Maybe you just wanted to be assured of a happy ending before committing yourself to reading. When it comes to “The Book” (the word Bible comes from the Ancient Greek for “book, paper, or scroll”), we have many good reasons to peek at the ending. The end of the New Testament is found at the Revelation of John. In…
Closeup of simple wooden Christian cross necklace on Bible.

Look at the Christ – Ronnie Scherffius

One of the most well-known paintings of Leonardo da Vinci is “The Last Supper.” Though fraught with biblical contradictions, it stands as the classic representation of Jesus with His apostles on this momentous occasion. Legend says that when Leonardo first revealed the painting to friends, they noted the attention to detail the artist had given, particularly to the fringe of the tablecloth. Disgusted, da Vinci wiped away the ornate border and demanded, “Look at the Christ.” If you could paint…
Top view of religious male crossed hands in prayer

The Disciplined Ones – Bill Jackson

We have repeatedly stated that the child of God is a controlled being. He, after all, once lived to his own will and pleasure, fulfilling all the desires of the flesh and mind (Eph. 2:3), but in coming obediently to the Christ he has denied self (Luke 9:23) and willingly subscribed to the Master’s will. He has then said that he will live a controlled and regimented life. As a child of God he is called a “disciple,” and thus…
Male hand clenched into a fist. The black life of matter.

The Offensive Christ – Johnny Ramsey

In Galatians 5:11, we read of “the offense of the cross.” To some in Corinth, nothing was as distasteful as the preaching of the crucified Savior. In Athens, Paul was mocked for preaching the resurrection of Jesus (Acts 17:12). To be perfectly honest, Christ was a “rock of offense” and a “stone of stumbling” to many among His own people and in the Roman Empire (Rom. 9:33). Why did Jesus offend so many?  He was despised in the region of…
Old church ruins

Symptoms of a Dying Church

How sad it is that so many congregations of the Lord’s people are dying. Sadder still, the fact that much of it could be prevented. Major health problems often advertise their presence through minor symptoms. Doctors recommend routine health screenings to look for signs of trouble. In many cases, if symptoms can be identified early then steps can be taken to prevent any major problems. The health of the church operates in the same fashion. By looking closely at symptoms,…
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The Deity of Christ – Guy N. Woods

The word God is one of the Spirit’s designations for the divine nature. Under the figure of the synecdoche, where a part is made to stand for the whole, or the whole for a part, the word God is used to designate each of the divine Persons constituting deity; and, while there is but one God—one divine nature—the Scriptures clearly teach that there are three distinct personalities possessing this nature. The Father is called God (John 3:16), the Son is…