The Voice of Wisdom

The Voice of Wisdom

Statistics fascinate me, particularly statistics regarding how we spend our time. A clear accounting of how we pass the minutes of every day can be terribly humbling. Often, we do not realize just how much time we waste. For example, a 2016 study determined that Americans spend over 1 year of their lives searching for something to watch on TV. Who could have imagined?

Another point about our time is that it gives insight into who or what we choose to listen. There are many “voices” in this world crying out for our attention and, sadly, we often choose to listen to the wrong ones. One voice to which we should readily hearken is that of wisdom. Consider what Solomon said about the voice of wisdom in Proverbs 1:20-23.

Wisdom cries out, she longs to be heard (Pro. 1:20). The word “wisdom” in this passage is plural, emphasizing the intense, comprehensive, all embracing, exalted wisdom that comes from God (cf. Pro. 2:6). She “raises her voice” and “cries out;” language emphasizing a loud enthusiastic cry. Wisdom is not hidden. It is findable and knowable. If Proverbs teaches us anything it is that wisdom is not some abstract or hypothetical idea. It is real, personal, practical instruction which comes from God (cf. Jas. 1:5).

Wisdom cries out for everyone (Pro. 1:21). She can be found raising her voice in the “open squares,” “chief concourses,” and “the openings of the gates in the city.” In the ancient world these locations represent places of justice and judgment, business and employment, daily affairs, and even leisure. Imagine a herald of God standing at the doors of Walmart or on the steps of the County Court House dispensing divine wisdom to anyone who would stop and listen!

Wisdom mourns those who reject her (Pro. 1:22-23). The “simple ones” are those who are gullible and easily enticed. “Scorners” are those who mock and criticize. They are cynical and defiant. “Fools” are thick-headed and stubborn. These three descriptions characterize every rebellious heart that turns its back to wisdom–to the instruction for successful living which God has made freely available and longs for all to embrace.

Make a determination today to turn off the news, log off social media, tune out the opinions of friends and co-workers, and listen to the voice of divine wisdom. Every minute invested in learning from God is time well-spent.