The Value of a Good Reputation

The Value of a Good Reputation

Solomon said, “A good name is to be chosen rather than great riches, loving favor rather than silver and gold” (Pro. 22:1). We all have a reputation of some kind and everyone has an opinion of us. It is true that we cannot control what people think, but we can control the impression we give them by the way we act. Scripture implores us to recognize the value of a good reputation.

We should recognize that our reputation will not be based as much on what we say as what we do. Proverbs 20:11 says, “Even a child is known by his deeds, whether what he does is pure and right.” Just because a child says they are well-behaved does not make it true. Children often say unrealistic things. Words and appearances can be deceiving but behavior is always revealing. That is the point of the proverb and that point applies to the development of our reputation. People may listen to our words, but our actions tell all.

What defines a good reputation? For what and by what should we be known? While this may not be an exhaustive list, consider the following biblical qualities as building blocks of a godly reputation.

  • Blamelessness (Phil. 2:15)
  • Boldness (Pro. 28:1).
  • Devoutness (Acts 22:12).
  • God-fearing (Acts 10:2).
  • Faithful Follower (John 10:27).
  • Humility (1 Pet. 5:5).
  • Liberality (2 Cor. 9:13).
  • Love (Col. 1:4).
  • Mercy (Matt. 5:7).
  • Zeal (Titus 2:14).

Can these qualities be seen in you? Are you known by godly qualities like these, or is your life defined by something altogether different? Learn to see the value of a good reputation