Who May Dwell with God?

Who May Dwell with God?

If someone were to ask, “Do you believe that you will be in Heaven?” How would you answer, and why? Consider how Psalm 15 answers the question, “Who May Dwell with God?” The answer is…

People who have the proper character, verses 1-3:

Beginning in verse 2, David writes, He who:“Walks uprightly”, which means “to live blamelessly.”

  • “Works righteousness”, which means “living according to God’s standard.”
  • “Speaks the truth”, which means “speaking honest things.”

Then in verse 3, David writes in the negative form. He who does not:

  • “Backbite with his tongue”, which means “to attack the reputation of someone.”
  • “[Do] evil to his neighbor”, which means “not doing anything injurious or wrong to another.”
  • “Take up a reproach against his friend”, which means “to be slow to believe an evil report.”

Those who treat others correctly, verses 4-5b.

As David writes concerning the treatment of others, he again begins with the positive:

  • “In whose eyes a vile person is despised”, which means “to look down upon those who practice evil.”
  • “[He who] honors those who fear the Lord”, which means “to look up to those who have a healthy fear respect for the Lord.”
  • “Swears to his own hurt and does not change”, which means “To stick to promises made, even if it causes hurt.”

Once again, David goes from the positive to the negative; He who does not:

  • “Put out his money at usury,” which means “to lend money with the expectation of gain.”
  • “Take a bribe against the innocent”, which means “to willingly accept money to condemn.”

The blessing: standing firm, verse 5c.

As David finishes writing, he concludes with confidence in a great blessing. “He who DOES these things, shall never be moved.” The message of this verse speaks to every generation that has ever lived and will ever live. Within it this verse, we learn this very important truth; Christians are to be children of action, and therefore, if we are truly desire to be in heaven, our life must be one of action.

-John Garza