From the Director’s desk (November 2023) – Steven Lloyd

From the Director’s desk (November 2023) – Steven Lloyd

We are well into our second quarter of the school year. COVID and the flu have struck our student body and at least half a dozen students have missed school wrestling with their illnesses. Our Director, Trent Kennedy, and his wife, Lisa, and their children, Ella, Troy, Luke and Annie, are in Singapore for ten days. He is slated to speak numerous times in lectureships, Sunday worship services, and camps.

The school will take a break, November 22-26. When we return the students will engage in a week-long study of 1 & 2 Thessalonians with John Baker, a preacher in Katy, Texas. John has been with us before teaching a variety of subjects, one of which was “The Preacher and His Work.” We have had nothing but favorable responses from our students on John’s classes.

On another note, the school has had a number of students outside the United States express more than casual interest in attending the school—one in Africa and another from Pakistan. The logistics of getting them to the states are in progress.

Samuel Dill from Basil, Switzerland visited Southwest several weeks ago with his wife Rebecca and their two sons, Caleb and Jason. They are making every effort to join us August 2024. Some have already expressed interest in helping support them while in school. I am meeting with one of the elders from his home congregation this Saturday to show them around the school, and our elders and I will be meeting with Dan and his wife on Sunday to talk about the Dills’ plan to attend. We are thrilled at the prospect of Samuel and his family joining us. If anyone is interested in helping support Samuel and Rebecca the two years they are in school please let us know.

We hope you have a safe holiday season.