'May 2022' Tagged Posts

'May 2022' Tagged Posts

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Let No One Judge You! – Ross Haffner

Paul established the authority of Christ when he wrote, “He is the head of the body, the church, who is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, that in all things He may have the preeminence” (Col. 1:18). You would think divergence from His doctrine would be easy to detect—we can compare His word with other philosophies and make the right choice. But the warnings of Colossians 2 remind us that we can be “deceived by persuasive words” if we…
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Circumcision Without Hands – Bill Burk

The Book of Colossians serves as treatise on the role Jesus plays as the supreme Savior. In the first chapter, Paul declares the magnificent truths about Jesus’ person. In chapters three and four, he describes the life Christians ought to live if Christ is the exalted Lord. In chapter two, Paul describes the need to defend the gospel against any teaching that would declare Jesus’ salvific work insufficient. In Christ dwells all the fullness (Col 1:19; 2:9), therefore, the Colossians…
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Beware! – Troy Spradlin

At the conclusion of a special seminar conducted by a world-renowned detective, a group of cadets eagerly approached the investigator to speak with him. The topic of the seminar had been about anti-counterfeit measures and identifying falsified currency, in which the detective was extremely knowledgeable. Impressed with his insight and erudition, the cadets inquired, “How did you to learn all those different types of counterfeits? There must be thousands of variations!” The detective politely smiled and replied, “I never studied…
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So Walk in Him

The world is full of ideas and individuals seeking to deceive us. The Colossian saints were under attack by doctrines which undermined what they knew to be true about Christ. Every generation of Christians faces similar threats. The Devil excels in finding new ways to trap his prey and thus we must be on constant alert (1 Pet. 5:8). The best defense is a good offense. To successfully guard ourselves against what is false, we must be intent on knowing…
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Hearts Knit Together – Kevin W. Rhodes

The first century world, like today, challenged Christians morally, doctrinally, and practically. The gospel barely had opportunity to reach people before false teachers, Satan’s lackeys, began sowing doubt and distrust through whatever means available. The Colossians’ doctrinal confusion over the deity of Christ, their relationship to the Mosaical law, and their susceptibility to philosophical sophistry proved this truth all too well. However, Paul confronted these issues forthrightly while making his motives and aims clear to all.   Despite not having personally…