The Science Against Itself – Pat McIntosh

The Science Against Itself – Pat McIntosh

If we were to discuss creation and the existence of God with a friend who believed in the Bible, we would turn to obvious biblical passages such as Gen. 1:1 and John 1:1-3. Those passages clearly reflect the existence of God and the roles of the Godhead in the creation process. The very first verse of the Bible clearly affirms the existence of God. The remainder of the Bible is built upon and substantiates that opening affirmation of God’s existence.

If we were to have the same discussion with someone who did not share our belief in the inspired word, a different approach would have to be taken. Those who believe in evolution claim that science “disproves” the existence of God and “proves” that evolution is the process through which all things came to exist. In reality, “true” science supports the biblical view of God’s existence and creation. No, it does not do so by name. It does do so, however, in principle. Let us look at a couple of examples from scientific laws.

The first example we will consider is that the Law of Cause and Effect. The law of cause and effect indicates that “every effect must have an adequate and antecedent cause.” If you were to walk into your kitchen and notice a vase full of flowers on the table, you would not assume that they mere appeared there. The law of cause and effect would indicate that something with adequate ability would have placed the flowers there before you walked in and saw them. Hence, the existence of the universe is evidence of a being with adequate ability “placing” (creating) the universe before placing man there. The fact that man exists is evidence of the same law of science. The Bible calls the “adequate being” God.

A second argument that can be made from a secular perspective (but is a scriptural one as well) is the fact that “design demands a designer.” This argument is similar to if not a subset of the previous argument and likewise indicates a supreme supernatural source for the existence of the universe. A simplified explanation for the evolutionary arguments is that life began from a basic molecular form and evolved into the complicated systems of our universe today. Even basic secular illustrations show the fallacy of this line of argumentation. Many of us wear watches. If we would remove the watch from our wrist, remove the back, and observe we would notice the power behind this illustration. Looking inside the watch we will find gears, springs, dials and other equipment all assembled in such a way that, for the most part, these watches keep good time. The argument that things “just happened that way” would be similar to saying that a watch was produced by a tornado moving through a wrecking yard and simply “spitting out a functioning watch.” The watch itself serves as a witness that something capable of designing such a piece of equipment did so before we had the opportunity to purchase it.

When we observe the universe, we see a complicated system with an all but enumerable number of parts. Yet, we see it operate with amazing precision and consistency. We can launch a rocket from the earth and send it to the moon. Yes, numerous calculations are made, but are made based upon the order of the universe. The earth’s orbit around the sun determines our seasons, and that order just happens to be perfect.

Whether we are arguing from secular scientific arguments or analyzing the inspired Scriptures, the evidence points to a Creator, a source capable of producing the universe. May our faith continue to grow, not from the secular arguments, but from the Scriptures which attest to God’s power, omniscience, and eternality. The mysteries and majesty of the universe attest to the glory of the God of heaven (Ps. 19:1).