Luke in 5 Words: Word


  1. Kimberley Barca

    I Thank God For You My Brothers and sisters in Christ . I’m blessed to have listen to your sermons. I’m home bound from My congregation and My Whitehall Church of Christ is small and they don’t have recordings of sermons they post them in writing. I’m so glad each Sunday am and eve & Wednesday’s nights. I clipped you continue with these sermons. They encourage me each time I listen to them. Please pray for me as I do you all daily. I’m going to have ankle surgery in December& I’m in chronic pain which I give Jesus the glory for my suffering. God bless all of you Happy thanksgiving God Bless. Love in Christ Kim Barca

  2. Kimberley Barca

    The sermon on Heaven and Suffering Encouraged me That I Cried our “ Thank You God !” for know this I suffer health trials are temporarily on this earth That The time I’m raised and see Jesus and God In all their Glory will be the Day when No more tears are shed! I thank God My Father ,The Joy my heart feels for my suffering isn’t in vain! And I Thank Him For It ! Amen. God bless you all! I needed to hear this and Gods words Were so needed for me in these health trials I’m facing now.

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