Word of Life: Do You Love the Lord?

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  1. Kimberley Barca

    I thank God For Your Sermons you n here. I’m am home bound from My church of Christ here in Pittsburgh and being a smaller congregation We don’t have These sermons on PC sites . I listen to you every Sunday & Sunday nights. I miss the pictures with the scriptures. Being disabled I can’t look it up but I write it down I’m my Bible. Your sermons encourage me. I don’t get many sisters visits because at times I’m too ill to receive them. My pain Brings me joy because I have faith that Heaven will be indescribable Joy than living Like this in this World. I Rejoice in my Savior And Know He is with me daily and nightly. My affliction is causing me to go deaf and can’t stand up to get into my power chair at times, but I remember the faith of the woman who bled those yrs and believed if I could just touch the hem of his cloak I’ll be healed. What a great faith She had. God bless you all & Brother Cody’s Sermons. Have a blessed Thanksgiving 🦃Thanks for these sermons.

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